Stephen Strickland, artist


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Art helps me to understand who I am as a human being.   Searching in art is a goal of mine as a means to personal expression. I am usually surprised by what I discover. This searching process means change in my artwork happens for the sake of risk, experimentation, and play.  In a world of increasing technology, I am drawn to the realness of tactile sensations such as brush and paint on a surface.  Some people say this is a traditional approach to art, specifically using paint to make art, but to me they are tools.  In the same way, technology is just a tool. Real growth in my art happens in the mind and through tactile experiences.

Process Statement

The visual possibilities of figurative representations through repetition, texture and shape are significant to me.  This configuration made from an aerial view gives me the freedom to see the abstract, two-dimensional arrangement of the whole composition.  It also allows me to see human interaction, isolation, and the contrast between nature and man-made structures.  I am fascinated when unity can be achieved by the space we occupy.  Though people come from different places and have no association with each other, place brings individuals together. In my work of different crowd scenes, space becomes evident through scale of the figures and groupings of people in contrast to open areas. Space is also emphasized by directional forces which are represented by the depiction of walking people, converging streets, lines, and sidewalks.